• Package contains: - 1 Dog Vest Pet Apparel
  • Comfortable Materials: Our shirts are made with comfortable materials, without seams that can irritate the skin of your pet. These exclusive designs adapt better to the body and are more flexible making your pet feel comfortable. 93% Polyester 7% Elastomer.
  • Our best product: This time we present this shirt, designed in special fabric that controls the temperature of your pet, prints that evoke the equipment of each country. 100% Colombian product. Elaborated thinking of your pet Durable, water repellent, fashion, water repellent, wind-proof.
  • Measures: Please measure the size of your dog and compare to the size chart, it will help you to get the correct size for your pet.

Red Dog Factor Sensation Dog Vest Pet Apparel Waterproof Windproof Rev

  • Fabulous double-sided padded vest, made of single-colored anti-fluid and plaid fabric, with a hood decorated with a sheep, cotton spring on the sleeves, zipper on the front, anatomical design for pet comfort. 100% Colombian product. Made in dacron lumberjack gale.

    Use the measurements to help you choose the right size of your dog

    1. Neck: With a measuring tape, measure the circumference around the neck where your dog?s collar would rest.
    2. Contour: Measure your dog's circumference around the body from the top between their shoulders and around just behind the front legs.
    Long: Measure from the base of the neck on the back where the collar rest to the base of the tail and subtract 2 inches
    Size XS
    Neck- 11 inch Contour- 16.5 inch Long-10.5 inch Small breeds puppies-

    Size S
    Neck- 13 inch Contour- 18 inch Long-12 inch Large breeds puppies, Miniature Pincher -

    Size M
    Neck- 15 inch Contour- 20.5 inch Long-13 inch Small breeds puppies-

    Size L
    Neck- 16 inch Contour- 23.5 inch Long-15 inch Small breeds puppies-

    Size XL
    Neck- 19.5 inch Contour- 25.5 inch Long-16.5 inch Small breeds puppies-

    Size XXL
    Neck- 25 inch Contour- 34 inch Long-22.5 inch Small breeds puppies-

    Size XXXL
    Neck- 25.5 inch Contour- 38.5 inch Long-24 inch Small breeds puppies-