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The same scripture cards of our wooden boxes, but in a Kraft box !!!


There are 60 bilingual Bible verses, one side is in Spanish and the other in English.

Packed in a small kraft box. The box is closed with a delicate colored ribbon that you can choose.

This beautiful box has on its lid a beautiful design with the verse "God has come to save me. I will trust in him and not be afraid.", Isaiah 12:2


We believe that our products are seeds of hope, faith, power, peace, love, forgiveness and freedom that touch every family or person who receives them, with the great objective of impacting, bringing salvation and changing lives.


These 60 Bible verses in the kraft box are used for reminders, Christian gifts, gifts in general, gifts for men and women or as a devotional, or it can be to share and carry the word of God in a new way that transforms lives. Due to its size, you can take it wherever you want.

They carry inside an instructive to use it as a devotional.

Don't have time to read the Bible every day? Don't worry, you can take a little promise, read it out loud, keep it in your heart and in your mind, remember it throughout the day and you will see how your day will be filled with joy, love, hope and peace !!


They carry inside the prayer of faith and a dedicatory message that you can personalize at no additional cost.

For a small additional cost the lid of the box can carry a personalized name, logo, verse or message.

Versiculos biblicos bilingues X60 en caja K504

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