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The Promises box is handmade product, it is a beautiful box decorated by Colombian mothers who work from their own homes while taking care of their family.

This work has allowed many women to be productive from home and receive income for their home. They manage their time, take care of their family, receive income and are trained for their personal and family development.


Our Mission is to bring word of Salvation and blessing in a practical and simple way.

We believe that our products are seeds of hope, faith, power, peace, love, forgiveness and freedom, that come to touch each family or person who receives them, with the great objective of impacting, bringing salvation and changing lives.


The promise box is used for reminders, Christian gifts, gifts in general, gifts for men and women or as a devotional. or it can be with any use that is to share and carry the word of God in a novel way that transforms lives.


The decorated promise box, CONTAINS a main promise in ENGLISH on its lid and 60 BILINGUAL BIBLE PROMISES INSIDE, a different one for each day.


In addition, the decorated box has an instructive inside to use it as a devotional for 60 days.


The promises of God that contains the box of promises were extracted from the Bible.


This Christian gift goes in its own individual box, with a dedicated message that you can customize, instructions for use and the PRAYER OF FAITH.


Would you like an innovative, useful, special, decorative and unforgettable gift? The promise box is the best option. You can choose between 4 different arts in ENGLISH on its cover and our aged white o brown base.


You don't have time to read the Bible every day? Do not worry, you can take a little promise, read it aloud, keep it in your heart and in your mind, remember it throughout the day and you will see how your day will be filled with joy, love, hope and peace !!

408 Bilingual scripture cards in box-Christian gift

Color: cafe
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